Facebook to give priority to videos that make people come back for more

Estimated read time: 2 minutes

Facebook has announced an update to the News Feed ranking that will certain videos get more priority.

Yep, even more priority for video content!

This update is slightly different, though, as it is specifically hooked on intent and repeat viewership.

In other words, the video content that will now get a boost is:

  1. Videos that people proactively search for and/or visit a page to find
  2. Videos that people come back to watch from the same publisher week after week, or show after show

Facebook said about the tweak:

“Watching video on Facebook has the power to drive conversations, and News Feed remains a place people discover and watch videos. Engaging videos that not only bring people together, but drive repeat viewership and engagement, will do well in News Feed.”

This move is a pretty clear signal that Facebook wants to get a slice of the streaming TV action, so is pulling its usual tactics of more priority in the News Feed to keep you on their site.

Following news of the update, Facebook expert Mari Smith said:

“[This update] means, to be successful on Facebook today, we must focus on creating and publishing regular video content in a show-like format and/or with episodes.

“Facebook is absolutely on a mission to become a leader in the digital streaming television industry with its Watch platform. The advertising revenue from mid-roll and now pre-roll video ads will help Facebook (oh, and businesses!) to continue growing.”

Oh, and pre-roll ads are also going to be a thing, although only in Facebook’s Watch page – so your News Feed won’t become littered with video ads…for now.