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Twitter just made writing a tweetstorm way easier

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There’s no denying that crafting a compelling Twitter thread is something of an art – can you get the flow right? Can you type fast enough to keep people interested and what you do when people reply midway through and disrupt your flow?

Well, Twitter just made this artform a whole lot easier, by allowing you to create threaded tweets before you hit publish.

All you need to do is hit the small + button in the bottom right of the tweet composer and add in your extras. It also looks like the most you can add in one swoop is 25.

Not only has Twitter made creating a thread easier, they’ve also improved how you view one; they’ve added a ‘show this thread’ button to let you view a tweetstorm in one go, from the beginning.

This, coupled with the recent doubling of character limit means it’s never been easier to say a lot on Twitter.