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Inspiration station: February 2018

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February is just one sleep away. In terms of being divisible by seven, it’s the perfect month. It’s also the last hurdle before Spring is here – lovely stuff.

But, even though the second month is always the shortest, that doesn’t necessarily make February an easy one to fill when it comes to your social media content. There’s still every chance you’ll have a blank somewhere.

Well, we can help!

Download your Inspiration Station for February right now!

We’ve pulled together a calendar of social media content inspiration for the entire month of February, just for you – for free! 🗓 🗓 🗓

content calendar template - february 2018

In the calendar, you’ll find something for every day of the month. That means awareness days, interesting ‘on this day’ facts that might spark an idea for some content, plus a roundup of some of the key events your audiences might well be talking about.

For February, that means Valentine’s Day, pancake day, national pizza day, the Winter Olympics, the start of the Six Nations, the BAFTAs and the Super Bowl (or, superb owl if you want to want to be different).

Also, where you might want to find out more information, we’ve included links to more information online. We’ve also thrown in a few hashtags for you to use as well.

Download your Inspiration Station for February right now!

We’re planning to make similar calendars for every month of the year, so don’t forget to come and see us again. 🗓

Lots of love,

The Native HQ x

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