Introducing the social media panel 2018: brand marketers

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For today’s panel, it’s time to jump into the world of brands and meet a few brilliant marketers doing cracking work for some of the most recognised companies out there.

The three members of our panel come from the worlds of sport, fashion and television, and have plenty of interesting stuff for you to get your teeth stuck into.

You can find links to each panel member’s full interview below, but first, let me take a moment to introduce you to our top trio and tease out some of the things they had to say.

Adidas/We Are Social – John Crozier, Account Director

We’re big fans of Adidas’ football social media content here, so it’s a thrill to have John – who is the Adidas football account lead at We Are Social – as part of this panel.

John’s piece looks at what a good year 2017 was for Instagram, what exciting things might be online later in 2018 and discusses the challenge of being better at measuring effectiveness of your work.

We’re living in a world of big data and the possibilities for a highly targeted and fine-tuned digital media plan are really impressive. The challenge is aligning all the relevant points of the business and getting buy-in to track the impact and effectiveness of the work that is being done.

Read John’s contribution in full

ITV – Will Worsdell, Controller of Marketing and Media

Last year was another busy one for ITV, particularly thanks to the summer success of Love Island – a show that, unsurprisingly, gets a mention or two in Will’s piece.

Will also talks about the potential of podcasting, the difficulty in balancing resources and the revival of live media.

If you look at the media landscape generally, “live” media has had a real resurgence this year- live TV is proving extremely resilient and Love Island really proved that. The same is happening in social, people want to be part of what is happening right now.

Read Will’s contribution in full

L’Oréal – Mastak Pal Kaur, Senior Retail Brand Manager

They’ve been saying it for years, but L’Oréal are still worth it – and still doing cool, innovative things, as Mastak’s piece shows.

As well as talking Snapchat filters for your hair, Mastak looks at the importance of Stories, the relevance of Pinterest in the fashion world and the difficulty in creating content that captivates and analysing its performance.

I read an article that said that an average person stops at a video for 1.3 seconds only. This gives us a measure of the pressure on marketers to create content that is engaging and measure what worked in that content and what didn’t. In order to overcome this challenge, social media platforms and media agencies need to identify tools that help us manage and analyse our creatives better.

Read Mastak’s contribution in full

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