Social media panel 2018: Daniel McCausland, Coventry University

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Daniel McCausland is a second year Photography student at Coventry University. In fact, he’s a great photographer – as The Native’s editor knows from personal experience – so you should definitely check out his work (links at the end of this piece). Daniel has plenty to say, from being a fan of Facebook to brand ethics and much more.

Which social networks did you use the most in 2017?

Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

And which ones did you hardly use at all? Were there any networks you deleted from your phone in 2017?


If you were only allowed to use one social network in 2018, which would you choose and why?

Most likely Facebook, It’s useful for keeping in touch with friends I hardly see anymore, as well as being the main way I promote myself as a photographer.

Pick one word to sum up your thoughts about the following social networks…

Facebook – Business

Twitter – Drama

Snapchat – Vanity

Instagram – Portfolio

LinkedIn – Professionalism

YouTube – Gaming

Who are your favourite celebrities or influencers to follow on social media?

Peter McKinnon, John Hill, Casey Neistat (Instagram and YouTube)

Do you follow your University’s official social media channels? If so, how do you think they do? If not, why not?

Partially, we have two groups on Facebook I am in but rarely check. They’re great for giving students course and uni information but are also filled with content that doesn’t really have any interest to me.

If you contacted your University on social media, how quickly would you expect to receive a response?

Within 24 hours normally, but can take a few days at times too, depends on who I’m trying to get in contact with.

What sort of effect does it have on you when brands work with influencers on their social media channels? Do you pay more attention or does it not make much difference?

I personally don’t notice much difference, but occasionally it has been something useful too, which is when I do pay more attention.

When it comes to brands, what is more important for you – their product/service or the ethics and values of the organisation?

A mix of both, I’m from a very low income household, so as much as I prefer companies that have better ethics and values, sometimes I also don’t have a choice but to go with worse brands. The ethics of the company are the first thing I look at though, before the product itself.

Do you use ad blocking software on your phone and laptop?

No I do not.

What type of advertising grabs your attention the most, if any?

While I tend to not be bothered by any, I do take more time to view advertising if it’s visually appealing, like an incredibly cinematic video for example.

Do you listen to podcasts? If so, what are your favourite shows? If not, is there any reason why you don’t listen to them?

Dave’s World Podcast, Always Open, RT Podcast, Off Topic and Heroes & Halfwits (all Rooster Teeth)

What about emails? Do you like getting them from brands?

I both do and don’t. I like getting them from some of the clothing brands I buy as they tend to be about offers or new lines, but other than that I tend to ignore emails.

What do you think will be the hottest social media channel in 2018?

Either Youtube or Instagram, both are becoming more popular by the day.

And which do you think you’ll have deleted from your phone before the year is out?

Either Snapchat or Twitter, I don’t really use either.

Finally, how long do you think you could go without your phone?

If it wasn’t for my work being over Social Media, I wouldn’t actually own one to begin with, so I could probably go for months without it as long as I had access to my laptop at all times to work.

You can check out Daniel’s photography on Facebook and Instagram

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