Social media panel 2018: Oliver Ribchester, University of Leicester

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Studying International Relations and History in 2018, it’s probably no surprise that Oliver Ribchester is a big fan of Twitter. But there are many more interesting points raised by this University of Leicester student and blogger, especially his fatigue of Instagram and Snapchat.

Read on for some useful insight…just don’t send him any emails!

Which social networks did you use the most in 2017?

Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Youtube, Whatsapp. Likely Whatsapp or Twitter the most.

And which ones did you hardly use at all? Were there any networks you deleted from your phone in 2017? 

Nearing the end of the year, I stopped using Instagram and Snapchat as much. I didn’t delete any.

If you were only allowed to use one social network in 2018, which would you choose and why?

 Whatsapp – Use it instead of text messaging.

Pick one word to sum up your thoughts about the following social networks…

Facebook – Cluttered

Twitter – Relevant

Snapchat – Unnecessary

Instagram – Overrated

LinkedIn – Obscure

YouTube – Alternative

Who are your favourite celebrities or influencers to follow on social media?

Meme accounts.

Do you follow your University’s official social media channels? If so, how do you think they do? If not, why not?

Yes, I follow my university’s twitter account. They perform well enough – I have been interacting with the account as they’ve been running giveaways in the run up to Christmas.

If you contacted your University on social media, how quickly would you expect to receive a response?

Within the hour – if I’m contacting them on social media, it’s probably because its more desperate than an email but there’s no security risk – social media contact gives the impression that the response is almost instant.

What sort of effect does it have on you when brands work with influencers on their social media channels? Do you pay more attention or does it not make much difference?

If the brand is not relevant to the social media channel, it feels forced. It suggests the influencer is only doing it for financial reasons and not to bring relevant products to their viewers/followers ie. I know that I could use Squarespace to build a website because every social media I follow promotes it, but majority of people don’t need this service, nor does it suggest a personal promotion of the product.

When it comes to brands, what is more important for you – their product/service or the ethics and values of the organisation?

Their product/service, though I will try to be ethically conscious when buying into a brand.

Do you use ad blocking software on your phone and laptop?


What type of advertising grabs your attention the most, if any?

Advertising that makes it clear what it’s promoting from the beginning. Avoid trying to cram a story into a 30 second advertisement and give me the product in use – make me understand how it can help me/ better myself.

Do you listen to podcasts? If so, what are your favourite shows? If not, is there any reason why you don’t listen to them?

No I don’t listen to any podcasts.

What about emails? Do you like getting them from brands?

The bane of my existence, to put it lightly! I rarely check them and all they do is clutter my inbox. It’s got to the point where email providers like Google and Microsoft sort through your inbox for you to separate important emails from the brand emails, despite the fact there is already a junk folder.

What do you think will be the hottest social media channel in 2018?

I think Twitter might be the hottest social media in 2018, simply because of how politicised it’s become. Trump’s tweets continue to shock and even provide the latest news from the White House, meaning more news outlets and people are relying on the social media for the latest updates. As well, because of events like the Manchester Arena Bombing or the General Election, more people are turning to Twitter to understand the situation as it unfolds – other social media platforms lack the ability to channel so much information in real time.

And which do you think you’ll have deleted from your phone before the year is out?

Probably Snapchat or Instagram. Both actively promote this idea of ‘the perfect social lifestyle’, which is a pain to continue pushing on yourself or watch others do it.

Finally, how long do you think you could go without your phone?

Not very long, considering I use my phone to message people, shop on Amazon, purchase train tickets, order takeaway, watch Netflix, read the news etc. What once required a lot of different items, now only needs your phone.

Oliver is one of the University of Leicester’s student bloggers – check out his profile and read his posts

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