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This year I will be better at…podcasting

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Are you thinking about podcasting in 2018? Sure, it’s not the cool medium on everyone’s mind – that accolade still belongs to video – but it’s a channel with amazing potential for relatively low cost. If you’ve resolved to make audio something you do this year, we can help.

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I have no shame in admitting I’m addicted to podcasting.

Not only do I subscribe to a ridiculous number of shows, I’m also the host on not one, not two, but three of my own – including The Native Podcast, of course!

With that in mind, I am biased in thinking podcasting should be on the minds of marketers in 2018.

But, I’m also a firm believer that they can add real value to your listeners and offer you plenty in return for not too much expense.

Some stats to convince you

Me loving something isn’t enough for you to give it a try, so let me throw some stats about podcasting at you.

67 million Americans listen to podcasts monthly, which makes consuming those audio snacks more popular than Catholicism in the States. In the UK, 4.7 million adults have listened to some sort of podcast.

Looking back over to America, 42 million of its citizens listen to podcasts on a weekly basis. That’s 15% of the population. For comparison, just 3% go to the cinema once a week.

Unlike some channels, there is still room for new podcasts; the average podcast fan listens to five shows per week and subscribes to six. Speaking from personal experience, podcasts can be a bit like Pringles – once you start listening to shows, you can find it difficult to stop subscribing to more.

Oh, and a heads up for any University marketers reading this; in the UK, 26% of people who listen to podcasts do so to learn something. That’s kind of your field, right?

Lastly, my favourite stat about podcasts is that a whopping 85% of listeners hear the whole show. Think about that compares to your video drop-off rates. Podcast listeners generally stick with you and don’t require you to grab their attention in the first three seconds.

With podcasts, you have room to breathe and room to explore ideas.

Some practical tips to help you out

Another bonus point in podcasting’s tally is just how simple a medium it is to use. You need far fewer skills and specialist software than creating video, and it’s pretty easy to make great audio on a budget.

Trust me, it’s really not difficult to do. With a computer, a microphone, some basic editing software and internet access you can be casting very quickly.

There’s a really great list put together by The Podcast Host that gives you a great overview – for The Native Podcast, I record on location into an Olympus LS-100 handheld recorder, I piece the show together using the free editor Audacity and then upload it to and host it right here.

For one of my other shows, I host the audio on Squarespace, which has a very handy hook-up to Apple Podcasts.

If you’re planning interviews but can’t always get to chat to your guests face-to-face then you should look into using Skype for those chats and capturing them – there’s plenty of options for recording Skype conversations, most of which are actually listed on Skype’s help pages. I can highly recommend Ecamm’s call recorder. There is a small, one-off charge for the recorder, but it works really well and is totally worth it.

As I’ve mentioned, you need a website to host your podcast – but you’ve already got one of those, right?

Of course, you probably also want to know how to get your podcast onto Apple Podcasts once you’re done. Yes, there are plenty of other podcast dispensers available, but most of them draw from Apple, so if you’re not on there, you’re missing out.

Again, there is loads of advice on doing this available online, including this comprehensive piece by Blubrry

Go for it

That’s about it really, the only thing I can’t advise on is what to make your show about! That part is down to you.

However, when you do make your own podcast please let me know – I’d love to subscribe!

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