Five game-winning ads from Super Bowl LII

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In amongst the spectacle of the Philadelphia Eagles bagging their first Super Bowl on Sunday by beating the New England Patriots and Justin Timberlake’s frankly dull half time show, there were a whole host of ads for marketers to get their teeth into and take inspiration from. Bit which ones really stood out? Here are our favourites.

Doritos Blaze vs Man Dew Ice

Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman in a weird lip-synch battle of fire and ice? Sure, sign me up.

Alexa loses her voice

I’ll admit, I have no idea who Rebel Wilson and Cardi B are. But, Anthony Hopkins’ cameo in this one alone means it makes this list. Creepy AF.

Dundee trailer

This is possibly my favourite of the lot. Why? Because it’s not actually a movie trailer at all. It’s a trailer for Australia. This alternative version makes that point explicitly clear, but is worse off for it. The one embedded in this list though? A little ripper!


The idea of making an ad that mocks ads is a very clever one and Tide have nailed it here. Bonus points for this extra one they made, where really followed through on their claim that every ad is now a Tide ad.


If you need me to explain why this one has made the list then we can’t be friends. Two words; Jurassic. Park.

A weird aside: Skittles

Hats off to Skittles for going all-out weird with their effort, not only the above piece but also these teasers 👇

Doing weird is not easy to pull off, but Skittles have laughed in the face of that idea here. The 90s, made-for-TV style special effects ad an extra level of WTFness that really help them stand out.

What can we learn?

There’s a notable shift in tone in the big Super Bowl ads in 2018 compared to 12 months ago. The spots peppering last year’s showpiece were a very clear reaction to the arrival of President Trump, with brands showing where they stood and really capturing the mood of the world.

This year, it appears humour is back on the cards and, you have to say, it’s a pretty welcome relief. Sometimes a laugh is just what we need, especially when so much around you is not funny at all.

There are a few takeaways for marketers here; if you have the luxury of working with celebrities, getting them to do something funny can really work. And, if you’re going down the humour route, don’t hang around. Get in, make ‘em laugh and get out again. Or, if you’re more of a Skittles type and want to go weird, then make sure you go weird enough.

Lastly, the Dundee example shows that humour and creativity don’t have to be mutually exclusive. You might not have the budget to quite emulate what the Aussies have done here, but if you’ve got a decent enough idea you can still give it a go.

Check back tomorrow for some of the ads that didn’t quite hit the mark. And, if you like reading reactions to adverts and don’t mind feeling festive this early in the year, can also check out our knee-jerk reaction to the big Christmas ads of 2017.

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