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What is Good 1: 23 February 2018

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What is good to watch?

Fakers gonna fake

How can brands battle fake and counterfeit goods? By making their own knock-offs! That’s exactly what Diesel tried anyway – or is it Deisel?

Can you tell the difference?


If you’ve been enjoying the Winter Olympics then you should definitely check out this footage of 300 drones creating an amazing light show in the skies above a medal ceremony this week. Obviously not quite as good as the opening ceremony of London 2012, but not a bad effort.

Watch it here

Time to quit

There seems to be a growing trend of people deciding to quit social media, but why? This short piece from the BBC tries to understand why.

Watch it here 

What is Good to read?

Facebook is in decline

That’s the shock headline from an upcoming survey by Edison Research; in 2017, Facebook usage among Americans declined for the first time ever. This article digs into the data a little further and offers three reasons why people are logging out.

Is Spotify going physical?

It looks like Spotify is getting ready to challenge Apple and release its own speaker – which is timely, given that some of the streaming giant’s rivals are refusing to play ball.

Get set for speaker wars

Get in the sea

In possibly the most millennial thing to happen all year, ASDA has jumped on the trend of proposing with an engagement ring hidden inside an avocado and will now label those pieces of fruit that are ‘perfect for a proposal’. Yes, this is really a thing and no, you haven’t skipped ahead to 1 April. Don’t worry though; ASDA are certain their avocados are still perfect for ‘smashing on toast’, thank goodness.

What is Good to Listen to?

IRL: Because Online Life is Real Life

On the Internet no one knows you’re a dog, as the old joke goes. But does anonymity truly exist on the web anymore? And when it’s taken from us, what else do we lose? This always brilliant and thought-provoking podcast from Mozilla is particularly good this week, and slightly scary in a Big Brother way. Also, it references dogs, which is always a sensible thing to do.

Find you cloak of invisibility

Good visual of the week

Hats off to Maclean’s in Canada for highlighting the gender pay gap – by charging men 26% more for exactly the same issue of their magazine.

maclean's gender pay gap ad

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