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What Is Good -1: Friday 16 February 2018

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One of the things we’ve been really excited to make for you here on The Native is our newsletter, which will be a weekly dose of inspiring and interesting stuff, right to your inbox. Well, good news…we’re now ver close to launch. In anticipation of that first issue proper, we thought we’d give you an idea of the sort of thing we’ll be sending you.

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Our newsletter will be called What Is Good. We’ve called it that because we want each issue to be packed full of good stuff. Some of it will be funny, some of it will be thoughtful, some of it will be creative and some of it will just be cool.

Heck, some of it might even be related to education and youth marketing too!

Our plan is to give you a few things to read, a few things to watch and something to listen to each week. Here’s the sort of thing we mean…

What is good to watch

Pop Culture Typography

This marvellous film is the culmination of almost a year’s work – how many do you recognise?

Dominate Life – Bulk Powders

Keep watching this and see if you can guess the point where I LOL-ed so hard I almost choked on my tea.

If you like this, check out the entire Dominate Life playlist – all brilliantly bizarre.

IKEA – pee on this ad

2018 may only be a few weeks old, but IKEA has already put out some killer ads. Not content with this build-it-yourself, flatpack banner ad, they’ve also made a print ad for a crib that doubles up as a pregnancy test. Even better, if your peeing on the ad results in a positive result, you get a discount on the crib.

More ads we can pee on please world!

What is good to read

Snapchat finally gives creators analytics – TechCrunch

Yes, you read that correctly – actual analytics on Snapchat! Is it too little, too late from the struggling platform, or will it make a difference? My money would be on the former, but you never know!

Anyway, if you’re interested in what these analytics will look like, TechCrunch has the lowdown.


Dogs are the best. The upcoming Chinese New Year is the year of the dog. Our next podcast has a dog-theme. Dogs, dogs, dogs.

The thing is, though, plenty of dogs don’t have the loving home they deserve. So, one adoption centre in Germany created this brilliant campaign to match dogs in need of a home with people’s musical tastes. Points deducted for not giving a dog called Moshi a hard rock/metal playlist though – guess it was lost in translation.

Facebook, We Need to Talk – University of Glasgow Social Media Team

It’s been a busy old year so far on Facebook, with publishers and pages seeing their reach drop like a stone. The University of Glasgow is one such publisher, despite doing its best to play by the rules Facebook has set out.

This post from the Glasgow team is part rant, part list of possible solutions. If you’re running a Facebook page for a University, it’s a must-read.

‘Never get high on your own supply’ – why social media bosses don’t use social media – The Guardian

Have you ever noticed how many of the top executives on social media platforms don’t really use social media much themselves? And, when they do, they tend not to do so in the same way you or I would. It’s a bit weird, right?

This piece from The Guardian is over a month old, so apologies if you’ve already seen it, but it’s still worth flagging. Lots of questions about how social media is designed to be addictive and how possible it would be for us to actually quit.

Raising a Social Media Star – The Atlantic

Chances are you’ve looked at the ever-growing number of social media stars from across the world, with their ever-growing bank balances and thought…wtf? You’ve probably also noted just how young most of these millionaires are and got a bit depressed about it all.

But, have you ever imagined what it would be like having one of these new age celebrities as your child? This piece from The Atlantic is a fascinating glimpse into life as a social media star’s parent. It’s equal parts scary and incredible.

Alike But Not Alike: New portraits of identical twins by Peter Zelewski – Creative Boom

This is simply a great portrait photography project that your eyes will enjoy…even if it does like an audition for a remake of the Shining.

Perfume Ads for Sale

Meet your new favourite Twitter page.

What is good to listen to

A Very Fatal Murder – The Onion

It’s about time satirical masters The Onion got into podcasting, so what better way than with their unique take on the true crime genre? A Very Fatal Murder is a very good first stab at mocking the world that Serial has left us, not to mention some quite wonderful ads thrown in there for good measure.

Even better, it doesn’t out-stay its welcome – the whole series is done in around an hour.

Get on it.

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