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Welcome to the #LboroFamily!

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Today marks the launch of a brand new column here on The Native; From the Inside. This feature will see a different in-house marketer given free reign to write a few articles for us. We’ll post them every couple of weeks, you’ll read them and learn stuff – it’s win/win. Our first From the Inside columnist is Liam Ross, part of the multi-award winning marketing team at Loughborough University.

It wouldn’t surprise me to discover that many of you reading this blog won’t ever have had the pleasure of visiting Loughborough; a small, sleepy market town in the East Midlands. You might not even know where it is. We’re between Nottingham and Leicester, FYI. And we do have a Nando’s.

However, I’d like to think you’ve heard of Loughborough University. We’ve an unparalleled reputation for sport, excellence in teaching and research, and strong industry contacts the world over. 

Rehearsed marketing pitch over, there really is something special about Loughborough. It might be that everywhere you look, students are all wearing the same outfit; our sport kit really is something of a cult attire here.

Joking aside, in my experience, visitors to the campus will comment on the strong sense of camaraderie felt across the University. There’s a tangible vibe of community present in our student and staff body. We at Loughborough like to call this the #LboroFamily

We were tasked with crafting a campaign which bottled and shared the essence of the atmosphere on campus. As a team, we put the leg work into investigating lots of options and avenues. We liked #LboroFamily; and to be honest, it wasn’t new. Looking back through the history books, our sport social media channels were the first adopters back in 2013, which really sowed the seeds of success. Our audiences had a familiarity with our mission, before we’d even begun. 

Is it even a campaign if it doesn’t have a dog in it?

We’ve pinned #LboroFamily to lots of campaign work over the past couple of years. You might have seen the golden tickets from 2016. Our students, particularly incoming Freshers, seem to love adopting it. The tag, along with the speedy arrival of the tickets on A-level results day, really built that sense of community right from the get go. 

For me, the real draw with #LboroFamily is its adaptability; we can apply it to almost anything, from UK and international student recruitment, to alumni engagement and sporting support. Students, staff and alumni use it as part of their natural language both on and off social media. What more could we ask for? 

I wanted to sign off with a couple of things I’ve found helpful when embarking on new campaign work. The first is to be crystal clear about what it is you want to achieve, and be able to explain this to colleagues in about five words. The second is to avoid working in isolation; get the best and brightest members of your department from across different teams and thrash out some ideas based on that vision. No idea is a bad idea!

Next time, I’ll be lifting the lid a little on how we at Loughborough work as a team. Until then. 

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