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Day two of YMS LDN told through 11 tweets

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Our editor was back in East London today for the second and final day of Voxburner’s YMS LDN – a two-day festival of youth marketing. As with day one, it was packed with learning – here are some quick takeaways shown via some of our tweets from the day.

**Check out #YMS18 on Twitter for more insights from the event and catch up with our summary of day one while you’re at it.**

Career choice

GenZ see being a social media influencer as a desirable career. That means they’ll be honing their content creation and curation skills to expert levels. That means you need to be doing the same if you want to keep their attention.

No holds barred

Here’s what some actual, real, living students right now think of four massive social networks – interesting.

Quote of the day


Changing the game

Gaming is massive. The amount of people who watch esports is mind-boggling, while the skilled professionals of tomorrow could well be training themselves today through gaming.

Stay woke

To the eyes of a 32-year-old man, the brand values of new youth brand PopBuzz initially seem cringey. But, they really live it and it resonates with their audience, to the point that they can comfortably write about abortion in a way that gets cut-through.

Picture perfect

Solid from Häagen-Dazs, whose staff also got to taste all 46 of their ice cream flavours as part of their rebrand. FORTY SIX FLAVOURS.

Not my type on paper

Last summer’s success of Love Island offers a LOAD of learning – looking forward to seeing what this summer brings!


These stats really struck – Snapchat seemingly isn’t a place to build a huge following, it’s a place for a small circle of buddies.

Email FTW

Email isn’t going anywhere, even GenZ use it. If you want to reach that demographic using that medium, this is what you need to bear in mind.

What do you do? Well, I’m…

And you thought being a social media manager was still a new job title…how about meme editor??

A shift in power

Fascinating to hear that, for some campuses, the powerful student media group is The Tab and not the traditional student press. It sounds like some student papers are slowly becoming nothing more than extensions of the institution’s PR department. As someone with a journalistic background, I am biased but…not good. Good for The Tab though!

**Check out #YMS18 on Twitter for more insights from the event and catch up with our summary of day one while you’re at it.**

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