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What is Good 2: 2 March 2018

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Anyway, here’s What is Good this week…

What is Good to watch?

Get cosy

With the plummeting temperatures this week, and more cold weather set for the weekend, there was only one thing to start with…a 10 hour video of a warming, crackling fireplace – just in case you don’t have the real thing.

A Lotto money

Everyone loves a feel-good story and this piece from Lotto New Zealand will lift your spirits. We won’t say too much so as not to spoil it, but it’s well worth a watch, trust us.

Transforming lives

It’s always a challenge for Universities to produce a ‘hero’ film that really stands out from the crowd – let’s face it, if you removed the name of an institution from a lot of marketing spiel there would be nothing to differentiate them from their competitors. So, credit here to the University of Central Lancashire for this effort. It’s definitely bold and it’s definitely different.

Hate this!

Right, we’ll admit this is weird and creepy AF. However, it’s also hard to ignore. Quite why a footwear company is using a freaky robot for a video, we’re not sure, but we kind of like it.

What is Good to read?

Here’s our list of Good reads this week – for a bit more context, sign up for the email version 🤓

A guide to Vero

How to gain a massive Instagram following

Facebook is ditching the Explore tab

Snapchat downloads are up

Do commuter students miss out?

Find out who won the Edurank awards

What is Good to listen to?

March is #TryPod month, a campaign to encourage more people to discover the joys of podcasting. We’re getting into the spirit and tweeting a different show every single day – check out our full list so far.

The world’s most expensive free watch

This week’s good listen actually comes from the first podcast in our #TryPod recommendations, Reply All. As always, their latest episode is a cracker – it follows a story that starts with someone who thought they were getting a free watch off Instagram and morphs into the weird, exaggeration-filled world of drop shipping.

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