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How Toosday: six tips for actually taking some time off this Easter

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For those of you in the UK reading this…rejoice! There’s a four-day weekend coming up! That’s right it’s Easter, meaning we get not only a Bank Holiday Monday, but a Friday version too. But, be honest, how many of you are actually going to make the most of it?

How many of you can make it through without doing any work?

I get it. Actually letting yourself enjoy a holiday when you work in something like social media – always on, all the time – can be difficult.

It’s always tempting to just quickly check your notifications and maybe send a couple of replies. Before you know it, you’ve been working for a couple of hours and that thing you really wanted to do with your time off is now never going to happen.

But, it doesn’t have to be like this! Holidays are for everyone, including your organisation’s social media accounts! So, here’s a few tips to help you take some time off and recharge those batteries this weekend.

Don’t worry about posting content

Look, I hate to be blunt with you on this, but chances are your audiences won’t give two hoots about that piece of content you were planning on sharing over Easter. Why? Erm, because it’s Easter and they’ll be enjoying their time off – just like you should be.

In fact, I’d even argue it would be better for your long-term organic reach on social media to not post over the holidays. Your content will get lost in a load of posts from your audience’s friends, which will all get more priority in the algorithms of 2018. That means your content will bomb and your posts when you’re to the grind next week will suffer too.

Instead, chill out, let it go and take a break – if you absolutely have to, use a scheduling tool to post a ‘Happy Easter’ message, but leave it at that! Don’t post stuff that nobody cares about.

Funny/cringeworthy story for you to laugh at and learn from; in a previous role of mine, someone (not me I should point out) saw it fit to go onto an organisational Facebook page at 10.30pm on New Year’s Eve and post a link to an incredibly dull story about the history of sausages. Fucking sausages! Needless to say, it flopped – less of a banger, more just lumpy mash.

Don’t be a sausage person; let your content have a break too – it really won’t hurt.

Go outside!

As our friend and guest blogger Amy Mollett told us back in January, you should try and find something that gets you away from the screen, and this long weekend is the perfect opportunity to do just that.

Weather permitting of course.

But, even so, just getting outside for a 20 minute walk will do you the world of good. Take the dog for a walk and gulp in that fresh air. Not got a dog? Borrow one. Or just go to the park with a ball and some treats in your pocket and was for all the dogs to come to you.

To be honest, we’re going off-piste here; the dog isn’t important. What’s important is you opening your front door, stepping over the threshold, locking up behind you and getting outside!

Watch some sport

Holidays are a great time for sports fans in the UK, as you are always spoiled for choice of stuff to watch, either in person or on the telly. The fixture lists are always rammed, so go and channel your energy and attention into a game of something for a couple of hours.

Me? I’ll be enjoying some rugby league with the Coventry Bears on Good Friday and then joining my bearded record label co-owner for some non-league football on Saturday. For both, I’ll be leaving The Native at home and focussing my energy on telling the match officials why they’re wrong.

Listen to a podcast, or two, or three, or, well, you get the idea

If you’re a regular round here, it won’t be a surprise that I’m telling you to listen to a podcast. But, a podcast is a brilliant thing to listen to wherever you are and whatever the weather.

If it’s raining, listen indoors. If you’re out to watch some sport, try a podcast instead of the radio in the car. If you’re out for a walk and don’t have someone to talk with, pop your headphones and have someone talk to you. And, if you’re doing chores, or Spring cleaning, or gardening, why not soundtrack it with a great new show?

Obviously, I’d love it if you used this weekend to listen to an episode or two of The Native Podcast, but that’s still quite work-y, so feel free to fill your boots and look elsewhere. If you don’t know where to start, we’ve been using our Twitter feed to curate a list of cracking shows to check out – why not take a look there?

Read something

One of the most common things I hear my friends say is that they wish they had time to read more. A sad reality of modern life is that our time for reading as a hobby seems to have been squeezed.

Well, this Easter, why not fight back? Find a comfy seat, brew a cup of something hot, get settled and read something! A novel, an autobiography, a comic book, some poetry…anything! Treat yourself.

Switch off those notifications

Remember earlier, when I said to let your work content have a break this Easter? Same goes for notifications from your work accounts. Come 5.30pm on Thursday, switch them off. And keep them switched off until you’re back in the office next week.

If you have work emails on your personal device, try as hard as you can to resist the urge to check them too. If it’s too much of a struggle, why not let a family member change your password and ban them from revealing it to you until the end of the holiday?

What’s that? Your family members? Yeah, they’re those other people who live in the same house as you, who love you and don’t see enough of you. They miss you. Hang out with them this weekend – you’ll like it.

That’s it! Switch off, relax and have a great Easter – it’ll all be right where you left it when you’re back in the office.