Ideas and Inspiration from #casesmc 2018

If you work in a social media role in higher education, then there’s one conference you absolutely have to try and attend – the CASE Social Media and Community Conference.

And we’re not just saying that because our editor was co-chair of the Europe edition for two years – although that does naturally give him a bit of positive bias towards it. We’re saying it because it’s true; it’s an event where you can guarantee you’ll get so much bang for your buck in terms of ideas, inspiration and learning, and you’ll meet some brilliant people too.

Our editor Dave was lucky enough to be invited to this year’s event in Brighton to give the opening plenary talk of the conference’s second day and it was lovely to go back. It also gave him an opportunity to put together the episode of the podcast that you’re about to hear; this time, instead of just hearing from one guest you’ll be able to hear from some of the speakers and delegates of #casesmc 2018. You’ll find out some of the key themes of the conference, some learning points and get a general flavour of one of the best conferences on the calendar.

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Show notes

Visit CASE Europe’s website to find out more information about this conference and their upcoming Annual Conference, which takes place in Edinburgh at the end of August.

Below are details of the #casesmc speakers featured in this podcast, listed in order of appearance on the episode.

Jord Muckley, Aston University

We’re all in the same boat, we all suffer from the same stables and have the same barriers in front of us…we’re not alone. It’s nice to know that it’s not just me who suffers from that…we’re all one big community.

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Liam Ross, Loughborough University

Higher Education social media is a massive community. I’m feeling enthused, inspired and lifted from all the best practice we’ve heard.

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Robert Perry, PickleJar

There’s a huge untapped potential of reaching a wider audience if you get can you senior staff and leaders on social media.

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Alex Wedderburn, Hootsuite

You’ll never has much data as you do with social media.

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Jim Tudor, The Future Index

It’s difficult to imagine AR trending this year as it’s way too early for most people, but this year it’s about moments and the emotional bit…but, if I really had to pick one challenge it would embracing the dark social world, it’s a real tricky one.

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Amy Mollett, conference co-chair

Very hard work, fun and exciting

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Dan Marrable, conference co-chair

Nerve-wracking, exciting and inspirational

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