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Seven cool takeaways from the first day of YMS LDN

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Our editor-in-chief has decamped to East London to attend Voxburner’s YMS 2018 conference – a two-day festival of all things youth marketing. Here’s a handful of things that stuck with him throughout his walk back to his hotel.

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It’s been a packed first day of learning at YMS LDN – I’m sure I’ll be writing more about this event in the coming days, but, having gone back through my tweets from today, here’s what really stood out.


Couldn’t agree more with this sentiment – young people care hugely about the conscience of a brand…you can’t just sell stuff to them any more.

Don’t suck

Granted, you can easily remove the word ‘young’ from this tweet and it would still be valid, but still…good advice.

Tomorrow’s leaders pt 1

This is a good thing. Even better…it’ll happen.

Don’t take my Internets!

Internet beat mobile phone for this question. And, when you look at the reasoning, you can understand why. I wonder is Sir Tim Berners-Lee realised quite how vital how invention would be, 25 years on?


There is so much to unpack from what Bedfordshire University did with personalised video during clearing last year and how effective it was, a tweet doesn’t do it justice. Fingers crossed I can set up an appearance on The Native Podcast for them soon!

Tomorrow’s leaders pt 2

Time’s up for old-school CEOs.

Women rule the world

Taken from our pal Rob Scotland‘s excellent session about how women are taking over. Strong women are becoming the norm. They’re breaking boundaries and they are bloody brilliant.

**Check out the #YMS18 hashtag on Twitter and follow us for live coverage from day two!**

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