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What is Good 6: Thursday 29 March 2018

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Here comes a four-day weekend!

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Anyway, here’s What is Good to watch this week…


We get it. Offering up a video about an Apple product as something ‘good’ to watch is hardly pushing the boundaries of curation. But, we don’t care. This video is great and, for our money, is more engaging than the recent Spike Jonze effort for their new HomePod.

Campus, on foot

No matter how times you’ve seen them, parkour videos are still fun. This piece of student-created content from Keele University is no different – a pair of students face a race against the clock to make it to their lecture on time, so call on their special parkour skills to help them fly through campus. Neatly done and a great way of showing off what Keele actually looks like.

The smartphone

Are you tired of maintaining relationships? Fed up of human interaction? You need a smartphone!

Oh dear

File this under ‘What is Bad’…the scrapped Heineken ad that shows a bottle of beer gliding past a number of black people before settling in the hands of a woman with lighter skin all under the tagline ‘lighter is better’. Wow, Heineken. No, really. WOW. How on earth did this manage to get made before someone noticed that it was racist?

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