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What is Good 10: Friday 27 April 2017

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Hot flushes and the future of sports analysis 👀

Below is a snippet of what we’ve sent to our subscribers today – some Good things to watch. The email version also has Good stuff to read, listen to and a few extra bits too, including a discount code for this year’s ASDIE. But, those extras are only for subscribers.

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Anyway, here’s What is Good to watch this week…

Stay cool

Maltesers has thrown out a couple of ads this week that focus on often-overlooked groups. This one, for example, features a group of older women talking about the problems of getting a hot flush during a Powerpoint presentation – it’s quite fun, in a typically silly type of Maltesers way.


Yes, we know we’ve featured Ikea a lot in this newsletter of late, but they just keep producing good stuff. Like this clever ad featuring the least scary ghosts since Casper.

Don’t try this at home!

This ad from Citroen is fairly long, but a very clever piece and worth watching – just, please, don’t attempt to do this with your own car! The Native will not be held responsible if you do!


ASOS are known for doing loads of cool stuff, but this is especially interesting; they’ve gone properly digital and joined forces with The Sims to offer virtual fashion to their virtual people. Nice.

Get in the game!

How about this for the future of sports punditry? Using VR to actually join the game for analysis! This clip from some basketball coverage in the US this week is very cool – it makes Alan Shearer on Match of the Day look even more dull!

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