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What is Good 7: Friday 6 April 2018

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Ooh yeah, here’s the Good stuff.

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Anyway, here’s What is Good to watch this week…

The Uncensored Playlist

In some countries, being a journalist is a really tough gig as they face censorship at every turn. However, music streaming sites are rarely blocked. So, using that as a loophole, Reporters Without Borders Germany have turned the written words of various reporters into songs, to ensure those words still make it out into the world. Genius.

Snapchat on TV

Snapchat launched its first TV advert this week, strongly insisting that they are a camera company, not a social network. For our money, this ad is somewhat dull and seems to be answering questions most people were asking about three years ago…but it’s interesting to see the approach they’ve taken nonetheless.

Find your hummus

When it comes to 1 April pranks, Google are usually very good. This piece from their Israel office claiming they’ve invented a hummus API to help you find your perfect hummus recipe was particularly fun…even if it did make us hungry.

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