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What is Good 9: Friday 20 April 2018

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Anyway, here’s What is Good to watch this week…

Will finds a way

Sports brands are getting pretty good at motivational campaigns nowadays and this new one from Under Armour is neatly done. Featuring The Rock as your narrator, this overarching video gives you snippets of some badass stories. Even better, if you explore Under Armour’s channels you can go deeper on each one. Bravo.

Trolling is ugly

We all know that, sadly, trolling is part of life online in 2018. This video from Instagram influencer Chessie King is certainly thought-provoking, as she continuously edits her body in response to what people say in the comments. The result is quite terrifying.

To achieve more

We’re always keen to see ‘hero’ videos from Universities here at The Native HQ and rather enjoyed this one from the University of Warwick. It’s calm, classy and aspirational too – good work.

Helping hands

Ikea is another brand that is just good at making videos. This latest one, where they show how a good night’s sleep can help us recharge, gets another tick from us.

Shout hooray

Last weekend, Manchester City’s men won the Premier League title. How did they mark it? With a terrible music video for a song that sounds like it was written for a joke/by a child and somehow ended up going live. It’s so bad and cringe-worthy that it’s kind of good…in a terrible way. Even if you hate football, you should still watch this one.

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