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What is Good 12: Friday 11 May 2018

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Some good stuff for you to watch 👀

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Anyway, here’s What is Good to watch this week…

This is America

Only one place to start this week – the video that seems to have the whole world talking. This is America, the latest single from Childish Gambino, brings with it a music video that is a powerful and chilling comment on the state of America in 2018. It deserves to be watched more than once – mainly because you’ve got no chance of taking everything in on the first go. It’s the kind of artistic statement that needs to be expressed and is well worth your time. Just be prepared to then get stuck in a rabbit hole of ‘explainer’ and analysis videos.

Ok Google, make this call

Living as we do in a world where more and more young people are, at best, uncomfortable using the phone, it’s probably no surprise that our virtual assistants will soon be able to make calls for us. This video of a Google bot booking an appointment at a hair salon is fascinating and creepy – the way the bot says ‘um’ is spinge-tinglingly human. Can’t help but wonder how long we’ll have to wait until it’s a bot on the other end of the line too.

What matters is inside

When your product is a suitcase – functional and useful yes, but also a bit dull – you have to go the extra mile to make a captivating advert. So, credit to Delsey for this beautifully animated short that is highly watchable, has a great story and is fairly hands-off on the brand side of things too. Lovely.

Interrogating Zuckerberg

We totally meant to share this in last week’s newsletter but forgot. The Bad Lip Reading videos are excellent – their takedowns of every NFL season are a highlight of our year – and this alternative look at Mark Zuckerberg’s hearing before Congress is great.

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