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What is Good 13: Friday 18 May 2018

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Hi, I’m Laurel – pronounced Yanny.

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Anyway, here’s What is Good to watch this week…

The dress for respect

In Brazil, Schweppes gave three women a special dress fitted with touch sensors to measure just how much unwanted physical contact they get from men on a night out. The results are both shocking and, sadly, unsurprising. This promo film is a great watch though, even if you will want to slap most of the men featured in it.

Crowd-sourced Whoppers

Burger King are pretty good at embracing social media, and this experiment they ran in Spain is no different. Using Instagram Stories and the voting function on them, they crowd-sourced a special Whopper burger, which they then made available for a limited time. Not only that, everyone who took part in the vote got sent a voucher to sample their creation in real life. Nice.

Squad goals

There’s a World Cup on the horizon, don’t you know? This week saw the announcement of England’s men’s squad for the upcoming tournament with a fast-paced video that certainly owes a least a nod of inspiration to Nike’s LDN campaign from earlier in the year. As with most things on the Internet, it’s had a bit of a Marmite effect so far, but it’s certainly more interesting than a simple list of names. Whether the FA puts this much work into revealing the squad for the women’s World Cup in 2019 remains to seen (spoiler: they almost certainly won’t).

3D printed homes

How about this for a novel way to beat homelessness…3D-printed houses! It might sound like the work of science fiction, but it’s actually happening – as this video shows, homes can be built in just 24 hours and only costs a few thousand dollars to construct. The potential here is huge.

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