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What is Good 14: Friday 25 May 2018

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Hi there, Friday.

Below is a snippet of what we’ve sent to our subscribers today – some Good things to watch. The email version also has Good stuff to read, listen to and a few extra bits too, including a discount code for this year’s ASDIE. But, those extras are only for subscribers.

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Anyway, here’s What is Good to watch this week…

McDonald’s Ramamdan

This clip from McDonald’s Singapore has been getting plenty of love this week for its gentle and non-patronising look at Ramadan, as it follows one of their delivery drivers through a hard day’s fasting. A nice watch.

The world’s most boring billboard

If you make decking, you want to be confident your product will last in all weather types. So, why not put your money where your mouth is and prove it? That’s exactly what one company is doing in Sweden, where they’ve installed a billboard made from their decking and plan to leave it in the open air for TWELVE YEARS to show off their credentials. Bold.

Google Maps level up

Please excuse the slightly rubbish video quality on this one – we couldn’t seem to find it in higher res. Still, it’s good enough for you to see how Google Maps are going to change…using your camera to help get your bearings and set you off in the right direction. Not so sure about the AR fox though.

Making local business look good

This video is very much a case study rather than an inspirational film, but it’s an interesting watch nonetheless. It shows how Canon used some of its influencers to take great photos of local businesses and get their Google business results looking far more appealing. Some impressive numbers in this one.

This means more

There’s a rather big football match this weekend. And, after you’ve watched Aston Villa at Wembley, you can then check out the Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid. The reds have produced this rousing epic to help get you in the mood. No, it’s not especially original and yes, any club could have done something similar. But, it’s still very well done.

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