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Inspiration Station: July 2018

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Time for another new month!

July is next flipping week, which means another whole month of social media content to think about.

If your calendar has a few holes, we can help!

We’ve pulled together a calendar of social media content inspiration for the entire month of July, just for you – for free! 🗓 🗓 🗓

Here’s your free Inspiration Station for July!

july 2018 inspiration station

We’ve continued with our revamped design that packs in even more ideas than ever – the emoji decorations have gone (mainly to save space), but we’ve now given you multiple ideas for every single day of the month – so much that the full download runs over three pages!

July means, among other things, the FIFA World Cup final ⚽ world chocolate day 🍫 and the very worthy Guinea Pig Appreciation Day! 🐹 (yes, we know that emoji is a hamster but…deal with it). Not only that, July also includes World Emoji Day! 😉🤔👍😝🤯👌🤘🙌

Where you might want to find out more details, we’ve included links to more information online – just click anything that’s underlined on the PDF version. We’ve also thrown in a few hashtags for you to use as well.

Download your Inspiration Station for July right now!

We’ll be making similar calendars for every month of the year, so don’t forget to come and see us again. 🗓

With love as always,

The Native HQ x

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