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What is Good 15: Friday 1 June 2018

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*Interview terminated*

Below is a snippet of what we’ve sent to our subscribers today – some Good things to watch. The email version also has Good stuff to read, listen to and a few extra bits too, including a discount code for this year’s ASDIE. But, those extras are only for subscribers.

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Anyway, here’s What is Good to watch this week…

The indoor generation

If we told you the most striking video we’ve watched this week is an ad for Velux windows, you’d probably think we were pulling your leg. However, this ad is something else. Instead of using either Craig Doyle or a fat northern man dressed in a Tudor outfit shouting about buy-one-get-one-free offers to sell you some glass, Velux has gone dark – with incredibly captivating results.

Guess who’s back?

Remember earlier this year when there was an almighty cock-up at KFC that left them with no chicken? Well, they’re finally back to full strength, and have used the occasion to bring back fast food’s most famous holder of a dubious military title.

Beat the Zombies

May was Zombie Awareness month and the University of Glasgow made the most of it with this excellent and helpful video on how you can beat the zombie apocalypse. More Universities breaking down research in this manner please!

10 Ways to Avert a Zombie Apocalypse

Did you know that the month of May is Zombie Awareness Month? We've asked Dr Ken Howe from our very own Zombie Institute for Theoretical Studies (Zombie Science) to share his tips for surviving a zombie apocalypse. 🧟For more zombie research check out their Youtube channel, http://ow.ly/NbI430kb8hY or website, zombiescience.org.uk/

Posted by University of Glasgow on Friday, May 25, 2018

Interview terminated

We wouldn’t normally claim to be fans of Richard Madeley here at The Native HQ, but the way he shut down a government minister – live on air – for not answering his question properly earlier this week was quite fantastic (and a little bit Alan Partridge too).

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