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What is Good 17: Friday 15 June 2018

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Back of the net! ⚽

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Anyway, here’s What is Good to watch this week…

Epic trailer 1: BBC

Big sporting events bring with them epic trailers, and this effort from the BBC is lush – a tapestry featuring iconic World Cup moments? Yes please!

Epic trailer 2: ITV

If the BBC’s trailer is lush, ITV’s is more a chest-thumper. It encourages you to forget what has been and focus on the now and is really rather good. Also, bonus points for the little digs at Italy and the Netherlands, who both failed to qualify.

Get Messi

The World Cup will always have a focus on individual stars, and today’s biggest star is arguably Lionel Messi. This animation from Gatorade does a fantastic job of telling Messi’s story, without being too heavy on the Gatorade side of things. Nicely done.


Adidas is one of the tournament’s biggest brands, and has the contacts book to make even a 90-second ad be completely full of superstars. This effort is no different.

A mixtape

Something a bit different from Beats by Dre here – a four-minute film that actually keeps you watching throughout and has a pretty good story to it. Isn’t it great to see actual good football-related content?

Just like watching Brazil

You can’t talk World Cups without mentioning Brazil. This piece from Nike focuses entirely on the Samba boys and is ace – we particularly enjoyed the tribute to their own 1998 advert, see if you can spot it.

Football pen

Who says the Germans don’t have a sense of humour? This piece is great – a simple product to help you subtly stay connected with the action while at work.

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