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What is Good 18: Friday 22 June 2018

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From 8-bit to pizza 🍕

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Anyway, here’s What is Good to watch this week…

8-bit of alright

This clearing explainer video from Swansea University, done in the style of a retro, 8-bit computer game is excellent. We’d possibly query whether there are *quite* that many palm trees on the Welsh coast though! 😉


You don’t need to be able to understand German to get this brilliant video. An incredibly powerful message about inclusivity.

Put a shirt on

Just when you thought no-one was going to anything about the growing epidemic of men posting pictures of themselves online without a shirt, step forward Fruit of the Loom to save the day – great stuff.

Paving for pizza

Potholes – they’re rubbish, aren’t they? They ruin your car and, if you’re driving home with some tasty take away food, they risk ruining that too. Luckily, Domino’s Pizza are here to help, by filling potholes so you can have a smooth ride home with your dinner.

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