🤔 Ask a student anything – LIVE panel from #ASDIE18

Most people listening to our podcast will either want or need to know the opinions of students, so we decided to help!

Working with our friends at Student Hut, we pulled together a panel of current UK undergraduates for a live Q&A session at this year’s ASDIE conference. Even better, we recorded the whole thing for you!

What followed was a great chat about social media, Universities and plenty more and you’re about to hear it all in full! There’s loads to ponder here, so grab a pen and paper and get ready to step into the minds of some young people.

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Show notes

Our panel consisted of students from Southampton Solent, Staffordshire University, the University of Warwick and the University of Edinburgh.

Some hot quotes from our panel

Favourite social networks in the panel: Twitter, Instagram and Facebook (for Messenger)

Social networks they’ve dropped this year: Snapchat and Facebook (not Messenger)

Some short, reactive descriptions of the following social networks…

  • Facebook: boring, outdated
  • Instagram: too curated, fun, vain but interesting
  • Twitter: advocacy, scandal-starter
  • Snapchat: dog filter, dead, not as good as it used to be
  • YouTube: unfair to small creators, replacement TV
  • LinkedIn: classist, difficult to use, fake

Universities trying to get in on campus banter…don’t. Stick to what you know and stay in your lane.

Using Stories? Showcase what’s happening on campus…and use students to help create your content.

WhatsApp is dead! It’s only used to keep in touch with your dad – you need a mobile number to add someone on WhatsApp and people don’t ask for numbers any more. It’s less invasive.

Prospectuses are alive! They feel more official, make the University feel real and help students decide where they’re going to study. Likewise direct mail campaigns.

Half of the panel uses an ad-blocker on their laptops.

A whole year abroad can seem like a bit too long to be away – but a term abroad? Plenty would go for that.

One panel member said her mum wanted her to pick a University that she could visit for lunch, so drew up a three-hour radius from home!

A prediction for a hot thing later this year – something that will go mainstream…

  • More Stories on social media – people want them
  • Instagram will continue to build
  • VR
  • Environmental issues, such as ditching plastic straws and having reusable cups
  • Inclusivity and diversity
  • Anything that is for a good cause

Questions from the floor

What lessons can central channels use from smaller/society/student-run pages?

Did you follow your University on social media when you were a prospective student?

Is student-created, ‘day in the life of’ style content authentic? Does it help give you a feel for the University?

Would you be responsive to a departmental WhatsApp group?

Why don’t you use the main Facebook feed any more?

Are offline communications still important – things like prospectuses and getting things through the post?

Apart from social media, what other online resources had the most impact on helping you choose your University?

What’s the most memorable/eye-catching advert you’ve seen, both from a brand and from a University? And what made them so memorable?

What would stop you from considering studying abroad?

How influential were your parents on your decision to go to University and on which University you picked?

How much thought did you give to your overall career path before you picked your University and course?

Thanks to #ASDIE18

The Native Podcast is brought to you by ASDIE, the Annual Summit for Digital Innovation in Education, which took place in London on Thursday 19 July.


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