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What is Good 20: Friday 6 July 2018

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Anyway, here’s What is Good to watch this week…


You’ve probably heard about movements like Time’s Up and #MeToo right? But, are you or your colleagues still confused as to what is acceptable behaviour in 2018? Fear not, this handy guide – narrated by Donald Glover and Rashida Jones – is here to save the day!


This is quite possibly the most satisfying thing you’ll watch all day. Trust us, watch it now!

A new kind of salesman

Now, credit to Mitsubishi for coming up with an inventive way to do the usual sales pitch during a test drive. However, our editor tells us that if someone tried this while he was driving, things would not end well. Either way, still worth watching.

Google IRL

Can you imagine not having access to the Internet? To not just being able to search something that’s bugging you or that you want more details about? Well, there are plenty of people around the world who don’t have this luxury, which is why Google has set up an over-the-phone version of its product. Cracking stuff.

No, you’re crying

Physical disability rugby league is gathering pace in the UK and brings with it a host of amazing stories – like this one from Darren Dean. Hearing him talk about his Leukaemia diagnosis is difficult enough, but all the setbacks he’s suffered since then? Well, let’s just say we all suddenly got some grit in our eyes here.

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