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What is Good 23: Friday 27 July 2018

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It’s about to get emotional…

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Anyway, here’s What is Good to watch this week…

Back to school

Really strange timing this – at the very start of the school holidays – but quite a fun piece from Argos offering a different take on the school run.

Shade for shade

This is fun; Issa Rae and a car-full of her pals throwing plenty of shade, while also finding their perfect shade of lipstick. See what they did there?


Aside from being a really well put together clip that makes something quite dull – airport connections – seem much more exciting, how good is it to see an older woman get a lead role? And an awesome lead role at that.

Tissues at the ready #1

Here’s the moment a deaf baby hears her mum’s voice for the first time 😢

Tissues at the ready #2

Adoptive parents are amazing, especially those who are willing to take on older children. This film is a tribute to those living heroes, as the company behind it commissions an artist to create an ‘unphotographed album’ – an album of images showing the moments they might not have experienced in person, but have probably imagined every day 😢

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