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A-level results day: a sixth form college’s perspective

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As we all know, A Level results day is an immensely busy time for every University and their marketing team. But it’s also a day of chaos and (hopefully) joy for colleges – believe it or not.

Now, I’ve just experienced my first ever results day on this side of the fence (I work in the Marketing Department for Barton Peveril Sixth Form College). Amidst the madness were some really simple but impressive bits of social media on Twitter, where 97% of results day conversations were happening (according to Natives Global Consulting).

Out of all the tweets flying about, here are five that really stood out:

1 – University of Winchester

This University simply added one of our student’s names, as text, to the start of a welcoming and congratulatory video – which even featured the man, the myth, the legend that is Alan Titchmarsh.

This was probably a very simple thing to do and can’t have taken much time at all (I’m not talking about the Titchmarsh feature). But, it put a person behind the tweet and made the video SO much more sincere and valuable to the student.

2 – University of Oxford

In reply to one of our tweets, the University of Oxford simply said “Well done, Lauren! See you in October!” Why was this so impressive? Not only did it show students we have connections to places beyond the College walls, it also showed Lauren that she has someone there waiting to greet her when she makes the leap from home security to the next stage in the rest of her life.

3 – Union of Brunel Students

Branching away from the official Twitter accounts of the Universities themselves, Brunel’s Student Union got down with the kids and used a GIF to celebrate the start of pastures new. This light-hearted response fit in nicely with the mood of the day and proved to students there’s lots of excitement to be had at University, outside of the lecture room – we all know what this means… Freshers!

4 – University of Chichester

Another tweet, away from the official accounts, saw University of Chichester Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Catherine Harper also get involved on Twitter. Welcoming a soon-to-be Chichester undergrad, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor let the student know that every student is an important individual to every member of staff – and not just a number and a statistic.

5 – Loughborough University

Loughborough stood out from the crowd, by reaching out to us. They simply tweeted their excitement at welcoming all the students from Barton Peveril who’d be joining them in September. Now, we all know the point of a School Liaison team is to help boost recruitment. But, jumping the gun and making the first move proved they care about the students coming their way and took the time to check they’re doing okay.

These are just a few of the many positives that came from a very successful results day and I can’t wait to do it all again next year!