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Some learning from Student Hut’s Youth Insight Report

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Remember earlier this year when our friends at Student Hut reached out to more than 1,500 young people to get their thoughts on social media and brands?

Well, the full report is now here and we’ve had plenty of fun dipping into it – here’s a few take aways that particular caught our eye.

Oh, and don’t forget to download the full report and browse through it yourself.

Don’t shoot the Messenger – use it!

Facebook Messenger was the most popular app among those surveyed, followed by YouTube and Facebook itself. Interestingly, young respondents (those still at school) preferred Snapchat, whereas those currently at University or recent graduates tend to plump for Facebook.

Twitter at risk?

When asked to pick one social media app to delete from their phone right now, most respondent chose Twitter. However, participants did see Twitter as being a highly useful customer service tool.

Other apps that came across as fairly deletable were Snapchat and WhatsApp – which kind of backs up what our own our student panel told us at ASDIE last month.

Split = danger

We heard earlier in the year about the possibility of Facebook splitting out content from friends and pages into separate feeds. While participants were not overly for or against such a move, they did say that, were it to occur, they’d be unlikely to seek out that brand content.

In short, don’t rely on Facebook.

Reasons to follow

Most people quizzed for this survey do follow a/some brand(s) on social media and the main reasons they do so are for discounts and to see the latest products – obvs – but even more so for inspiration and to be entertained.

Reasons to unfollow

Unsurprisingly, posting racist, sexist or otherwise offensive content would be the biggest reason for a young person to ditch a brand on social media. However outside of this somewhat obvious point, participants also said posting too often, sharing too many promotional posts and simply being boring as other reasons to bidding farewell.

Email me

For all that trendy marketers will try to tell us email is dead…it isn’t. In fact, it’s the preferred medium when it comes to how young people want to be communicated with from brands.

Respond quickly

As we’ve already noted, Twitter is still seen as an important tool for customer service. And, when it comes to customer service, the majority of survey participants would expect a reply within 24 hours…so don’t sit around twiddling your thumbs!

Make sure you download the full report yourself and see what you can learn!