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What is Good 24: Friday 3 August 2018

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Move like Phil.

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Anyway, here’s What is Good to watch this week…


It was Yorkshire Day earlier this week, so it feels right to include this clip from Yorkshire Tea here. They played dominoes with 5,000 biscuits while their tea was brewing and the result was pretty spectacular.

Made of more

Guinness have a long history of making cool ads and this one is no different. Simple, effective and very on-brand.

Move Like Phil

We saw this ad starring a dancing Phil Mickelson the other day and now can’t unsee it. So, here you go – neither can you.


There’s something going on at the University of Sussex that we’re keeping a close eye on – it’s either a clever clearing campaign or a very gentle start to the Judgment Day that the Terminator movies have been trying to warn us about for years. Either way, we’re interested.

Doggo antics

You’ve probably seen the video of the dog that stole a GoPro doing the rounds this week – it’s flipping hilarious. But, have you seen the version of it where someone has added the music from the Naked Gun movies? Get ready to laugh even harder!

What the?

What in God’s name is this? How on earth did it get commissioned? Who thought it was a good idea? Whatever the answers to those previous questions, we don’t care – this ad is so bad, it’s good.

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