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What is Good 26: Friday 17 August 2018

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Boo 😱

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Anyway, here’s What is Good to watch this week…


This ad is a fine example of how to make something dull far less dull – it’s sharply written, surprisingly well acted and so wonderfully self-aware that we just can’t fault it.


Dave Grohl is pretty darned awesome, isn’t he? Arguably the best drummer the world’s ever known, he’s since proved himself to be pretty good at guitar and singing too, as well as being widely-known as the nicest man in rock. His latest project sees him add another few strings to his bow; he recorded a 23-minute song where he plays every single instrument, and made a video of it too. It’s super impressive, and worth watching just to see a room full of Dave Grohls gurning at each other.

Jump scare 1

This ad for The Meg might make you think twice about touching billboards in the future.

Jump scare 2

This ad for new horror flick The Nun was so scary YouTube tried to shut it down, despite it only being six seconds long – you’ve been warned!

It’s a sexy world

Trojan’s new ad feels like it should have been in the last Anchorman movie and it’s great.


So, the capital of Lithuania has rebranded itself as ‘the G-spot of Europe’ and has made an accompanying website loaded with innuendo that lets you create your own ‘pleasure map’ of the city. Sure.

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