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6 more things we learned at #CEAC18

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Last week’s CASE Europe Annual Conference was so good we couldn’t leave our coverage of it as just one article. So, here’s another six take aways from our week north of the border.

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Don’t just send press releases to the obvious places

For all the talk of press releases being dead and press officers needing to instead become content creators, we did also hear some great tips on where it *is* still worth sending a press release. Who would have thought parish magazines would have so much influence?

Timing is everything

Sticking with contacting journalists, if you want to maximise your chances of getting a hit send them stuff on Friday afternoons or Monday mornings. Also, be aware of points in the year such as the summer and around Christmas when the general news cycle is quieter – again, pushing stuff out here should give you a good chance of being picked up.

Gen Z: not as revolutionary as you think

We heard from the Guardian as they broke down their recent piece of research into Gen Z, who they described as the ‘most mysterious generation yet’. There were loads of interesting things to tease out, none more so than just how traditional this generation is in their aspirations. Their dreams are actually pretty simple.

Crisis comms – make sure you’re prepared

We weren’t supposed to attend the crisis comms workshop. However, in a rather appropriate turn of events, the session we *had* planned to attend was cancelled at the last-minute, so we hopped next door. The workshop was terrific and really highlights the importance of preparing as much as you can…you never know when a crisis might be round the corner.

Long reads might actually be worth it

We’ve all heard how everyone’s attention span is getting shorter and shorter, right? Well, it might not be as simple as that. People will invest in longer reads if the content is good enough, so moves like that of Edinburgh University to specifically allocate space on their website for Longford pieces could soon become the norm.

Be curious

The conference was brought to a rousing close (and standing ovation) thanks to the inimitable Beth Elzer, who flew through more than 100 slides tackling the idea of curiosity and simply being curious. It was full of calls to be brave, to not worry about striving for perfection and to try new things and, quite simply, it was marvellous.

Great stuff – see you next year in Birmingham!

Read our first six take aways from #ceac18

Check out the full conversation from the CASE Europe Annual Conference by hitting up the #ceac18 hashtag on Twitter.

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