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6 things we learned at #CEAC18

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Last week, we went north – to Edinburgh to be precise – for the CASE Europe Annual Conference. As is always the way with CASE’s showpiece event, it was a cracking few days full of great presentations and great conversations.

Here’s half a dozen things we took away

Your mental health is important

The conference kicked off in style, with a plenary from Ruby Wax – yes, *that* Ruby Wax. Mixed in her hilarious and bizarre stream of consciousness ramble, there were plenty of sound bytes to print out and stick on your desk. First, the idea that the greatest gift you can give to another human is your attention and second, this rule to live by…

Spotify really gets Gen Z

It was fascinating to hear how Spotify approaches its marketing towards Gen Z. They’ve commissioned research about them so they really know what that particular audience wants, they’ve got a team of student ‘brand managers’ to help them stay connected and they focus on creating money-can’t-buy experiences. Not only that, they were also able to create a huge gig out of something that started life as a simple playlist – impressive. (ignore the stupid auto correct typo in this tweet 🙄)

We did a thing

Thanks to those who watched our editor Dave give a rapid-fire, Pecha Kucha guide to podcasting and to everyone who asked such great questions afterwards. You can find Dave’s slides and a load more resources about podcasting right here.

Making personas will help with UX

We enjoyed hearing about how the University of East London have resigned their website and managed to put UX at the heart of it. One of their top tips was to create personas to really help your understand your audience. And, thankfully, there are tools out there to help you with that.

People still value Universities

The mid-conference plenary saw Lord Bob Kerslake give an update on the Civic University Commission – what they’ve been up to so far and what they’ve learned. Despite Lord Bob noting how tough the sector has had it of late, it was reassuring to hear him point out that people are still proud of their Universities.

The press office isn’t dead

You might have heard the notion that the press office is outdated – or dead, even – but that appears to far from the truth. As it happens, the truth is that the press office simply needs to evolve. Press officers in 2018 need to spend less time writing traditional press releases and instead take on the role of content creators.

Check out the full conversation from the CASE Europe Annual Conference by hitting up the #ceac18 hashtag on Twitter.

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