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Small Team Solutions: Stretching Your Content

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Over the next few weeks we’re thrilled to be joined by Jasmine Foley from the University of Lincoln for a special series of How Toosday articles, all focussed on Small Team Solutions. Kicking off, Jasmine is looking at Stretching Your Content.

There you are, behind the computer, a billow of smoke rising up from the keyboard as you type frantically. (Slightly dramatic – I mean, it’s only posting on social media, isn’t it?) Let’s face it, we’ve all heard this before. It’s easy for people to underestimate how much time and effort goes into the content we’re putting out every day.

However, we know that this is not the case, especially if you’re in a small team or a team of one! Well, here I am, giving you my tips and trying to make all of our lives a little bit easier.

Here are four ways that I have found to stretch content that little bit further:

1. Tactical blogging

I like to write blogs that give me as many different angles to promote as possible. The best type in my experience are list blogs! Any headline that lists a number of reasons, secrets, types, or ways is perfect for a couple of reasons…

2 Reasons Why I Love List Blogs:

  1. People are more likely to read it. Generally people are lazy, myself included, and I like to know roughly how long a task is going to take me. That’s why list blogs are ideal. I can look at the title of the blog and predict how much effort reading it will take. (Just four things to digest? Easy!)
  2. You can link to the same blog on your social media accounts so many times, and get away with it! Simply focus on a different point from your list in the copy, and HURRAH, completely new social media post.


Post 1: Check out our blog to discover how to encourage lazy people to read your content!

Post 2: Spam your social media followers with the same blog and get away with it!

As well as considering list blogs, focus your time and effort on timeless blogs that aren’t going to become useless in less than a week. If the blogs that you create aren’t tied to a particular event or time period, you’ll be able to use them for a much longer period of time.

2. Templates, templates, templates

Spend some time preparing a folder of templates! Create a template for everything! If you don’t have the time or skill set, tap into the pool of student talent around you. Can you hire a student to help you create some branded templates?

This is going to be a huge help when you get a great stat or quote that you need to get posted ASAP. Simply find your social media templates, add the text, and you’re good to go! The same applies with videos. Shot a nice off the cuff video? Simply add the intro card you made earlier and it’s looking more polished already. This looks especially nice if used as part of a video series…

3. Series and ‘challenges’

Ran into a roadblock when you’ve hit a quiet month? Maybe it is summer, there aren’t many students around and the campus buzz that you usually capture has turned into the scene from an apocalypse. Don’t panic! Time to pull out our next secret weapon, series or challenges! (1 month to fill = 30 day series)

The best thing about doing this is that it isn’t just ‘filler’ content, and it can create a lot of added value for your audience. An example of this could be ’30 ways to prepare for starting or coming back to university.’ Sit down, write out a list and then think of quick and fun ways to display the clips.

4. Content capture sessions

Too much going on to capture content on a daily basis? Block out a day in your diary and get that content in the bag. Plan in advance, invite all the people you want to feature, book out a room and get the equipment set up. If you have a solid plan in place (tune in for next week’s How Toosday for Small Team Solutions: Planning your time…Shameless plug), you can tick off all the content you need in one fell swoop!

Example: Want to create a bank of video interviews to use throughout the year?  Book your interviewees in for slots throughout the day in the room with the equipment (saves set up time!)  

BONUS TIP: Make sure you also ask them any questions that might come in handy for general videos or other campaigns! I’m planning a filming day at the moment to capture some interviews with our careers advisors about the services we offer, but I’m also asking them to prepare 10 tips. Not only will I finish the day with the videos I need for my current campaign, but also a bank of 40 tip videos for me to use throughout the year. (Guess what? I may even use them for a 30 day series!)

So, there we have it, four ways that I’ve found to make the most out of the content I’m already creating. It’s taking roughly the same amount of time in my diary and I’m worrying a lot less about running out of content! With a little bit of tweaking, the content you’re managing to create already could be stretched to give you much more scope for posting!

What tricks are you using to stretch your content further? I’m always looking for more thrifty content ideas, and I’m sure many of the small teams or one man bands out there would love for you to share!

Next How Toosday, I’ll be bringing you the next article in this series, Small Team Solutions: Planning Your Time 👌

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