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20 Halloween scares to terrify every social media manager

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Boo! It’s Halloween! 🎃👻

Yes, we are truly at peak spooky season today. To mark it, we’ve gathered together a list of things that will give social media managers everywhere the heebie-jeebies.

Don’t have nightmares!

The typo

We’re jumping right in with the scary stuff; few things are worse than spotting that your beautifully-crafted tweet has been ruined by your less-than-beautiful sausage fingers. Until Twitter gives us an edit button, typos will always be a peril of the job.

Not even the President is safe!

The wrong link

Noooo! You *try* to send a link to a customer service contact form, and inadvertently send someone a highly pornographic image instead 😱

Think it won’t happen to you? Neither did US Airways!

Asking for budget

😨 😨 😨 😨

Flag dyslexia

We’ve all been there. There are just so many flags in the world that it can be a real pain making sure you have the right one. And besides, no-one will notice anything wrong when they’re that small…right?

General geography fails

It’s not just flags…geography is terrifying in general. Chick-fil-A found this out to their cost earlier this year.

The terrible content that made it through

If you’re in a meeting and someone says something along the lines of there being ‘no such thing as a bad idea’ slap them in the face. If you don’t, something like this might end up on your social channels 👇

foxy cancer bingo

Tim Curry’s 1990 portrayal of Pennywise the Dancing Clown

Because clowns are fucking scary 🎈

Bill Skasgård’s 2017 portrayal of Pennywise the Dancing Clown

See above 🤡

The pocket post

There are few things as scary as what sort of things your pocket can do to your phone. We’re not just talking about dialling someone’s number…oh no. Some spooky phones can unlock your phone, open Twitter and post a photo of an expensive sports car – merely moments after you’ve played for a team that has just lost 6-0 at home and is on the verge of relegation.

No, Joleon Lescott, I’ve not forgiven you.

The subtle joke that offends an entire continent and ruins your career

The humanity! Make it stop!

Michael Myers

No, not this one…

THIS one…🔪

An update to Facebook’s algorithm

Just when you thought it was safe to try and get organic reach…

Nightmare on Personalisation Street

The Internet is not a nice place. If you offer them the chance to make a celebrity hold a photograph it will not end well.

Nightmare on Personalisation Street II

That warning about photos? It goes for signs too.

Nightmare on Personalisation Street III – the final horror

Please! Dear God! Make it stop!

The well-meaning tribute to a dead celebrity

Any time a celebrity dies should strike fear into the hearts of social media managers everywhere. Why? The risk, my dears, the risk for disaster!

The ill-conceived hashtag


An insufferable twat posting about you

For every organisation or individual that has ever featured in a tweet from Katie Hopkins or Piers Morgan…we send our thoughts and prayers.

The truth

That is, the truth that you don’t write your own posts.


Scary AF

Your goddamn kids

Your big moment…ruined

Happy Halloween everyone! 🎃