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Coming soon: The Native anonymous

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Do you ever wish you could say something, but your professional conscience – or just your prospect for continued employment – holds you back? We hear you.

It can be a real frustration, can’t it? So many blogs you’d like to write but know you shouldn’t really attach your real name to them, and so they never see the light of day.

Well, hide no more as we’re launching our latest column…social media managers anonymous!

This is your chance to really talk about the issues facing you without getting yourself in a sticky situation with your boss. It might be your perennial lack of budget, it might be a growing trend that makes you grind your teeth, a concern about this job gnaws at your mental health, a list of your favourite stupid replies you’ve ever received or simply a rant about why trolls are idiots.

Now, we don’t intend this column to simply be a chance for you to bitch about your competitors – or your employers for that matter. We want you to be sensible with it, but we also wanted to remove the shackles of having your name attached.

Above all, though, we want this to be a column for you. Let’s get these issues out there and see what we can do about it.

So, how does that sound? Interested in contributing? Cool! Head over to this form, tick the Social Media Managers Anonymous box and we’ll talk! Pretty soon, this gif could be you!

And, remember…

We are Anonymous (social media managers). Expect us (to hide behind corporate accounts). We do not forgive (bad coffee). We do not forget (multiple logins).

Contribute to Social Media Managers Anonymous now!