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How to get your podcast kicked out of iTunes

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Not matter which hipster podcast app you might enjoy using to consume your chunks of audio content, if you’re producing your own show there is one space you absolutely *have* to be in…

Apple Podcasts.

The space – which, let’s face it, almost everyone still calls iTunes – accounts for 80% of podcast downloads. 80%.

Not only that, the vast majority of other podcast apps out there take their cue from Apple Podcasts, so you really need to have your show in that space.

Now, getting your show into Apple Podcasts is actually pretty easy to do. And, if you apply common sense, you’re very unlikely to get kicked out either.

But, there *are* some behaviours that would risk you getting the boot, which we’ve gathered below. Read them, remember them and never do them!

10 ways to get your podcast kicked out of iTunes

Using copyrighted music

Obvious one this – but don’t use music that is copyrighted. This might sound like a pain, but there are actually *loads* of places of online where you can bag some royalty-free and/or creative commons music – that’s exactly what we do for the theme tune on our own podcast.

Including profanities without ticking the ‘explicit’ label

Swearing in podcast is no problem. No fucking problem whatsofuckingever. The only caveat is that if there is fucking swearing in your fucking podcast, you fucking warn people about it.

How the fuck do you do that? Tick the fucking ‘explicit’ label!

(It should also be noted that if you ever use the ‘explicit’ label – even once – your show will forever be excluded from the family-friendly, U-rated category of iTunes. Generally, this is no big deal – but it can be a problem in some, conservative countries)

Including profanities in your episode title or show description

Even if you *have* ticked the ‘explicit’ label, you still can’t have any profanities appear in any text fields. So, no fucking swearing in your fucking title or description.

Fuck it.

Using sports teams’ logos in your show artwork

If, like me, you run a podcast about your favourite sports team (or even if you don’t), you can’t use that team’s logo in your artwork.

Using the Apple Podcasts logo in your show artwork

Use their badge on your website, sure. But leave it out of your show artwork.

Using images of Apple products in your show artwork

Interesting one this, but you shouldn’t use photos of Apple products in your show artwork either. So, if you’re planning a podcast about iPhones, for example, you need to get creative with your logo.

Setting the wrong language code in your feed

You’re unlikely to do this, we know, but Apple wouldn’t look favourably on a podcast that is in English that is listed as being in Spanish.

Having a dead feed for more than a month

If your RSS feed leads to a 404 error for more than 30 days, your show is listed as missing presumed dead and given the boot. Fair enough really.

That doesn’t mean you can’t *update* your show for more than 30 days, you just need to be sure your feed still works!

Being spammy

Don’t make your episode titles and descriptions spammy. It looks crap and Apple doesn’t like it.

Buying fake listeners and reviews

Obvious, but don’t do it.