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How Toosday: writing a killer Twitter bio

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Twitter is still powerful, as is a killer Twitter bio.

Think about it. The bio is generally the first chance you get to make an impression and potentially win yourself a new follower – you don’t want to screw it up.

Using those 160 characters to craft something memorable or interesting takes as much skill as writing a witty tweet does, so it’s worth thinking about what sort of elements make a great bio.

It’s also handy to check out some good examples too, so we’ll use the rest of this piece to do both!

4 elements of a killer Twitter bio


Unless you’re using Twitter under some pseudonym, use your bio to tell people who you are and what you do. Also, if you’re running an account that isn’t manned 24/7, put this information in your bio, like Warwick University’s Library does.

warwick library bio


Your bio is a great space to show that, y’know, you’re actually a human and you have a life outside of work. Include some hobbies, throw in some emojis and hint at your wider story – you’re more than just a job title, so why not show it? That’s what I’ve tried to do with mine.

dave musson bio

Also, look at how my pal Chris does his – lots of practical info, with a couple of bonus personal bits at the end. Secret goth??

chris nee bio


Don’t be afraid to tag other accounts in your bio – it’s a great way of showing how you relate to other tweeters out there and shouting out your other projects and/or colleagues.

That’s what we’ve tried to do with The Native’s bio – along with getting a quick elevator pitch for who we are and what we do (and including some relevant keywords too).

the native bio

The University of Glasgow also has a very connected bio. In fact, they have a very good bio full stop. Look at it – a mission statement, some history, connected accounts, corporate hashtag AND emojis all in one stab!

uofg bio


This is the most difficult one to get right, but a funny bio can really make you stand out. Here’s a few examples, starting with The Native’s favourite band talking about their most recent album…

palm reader bio

Some clever wordplay

octopus bio

Self deprecation

anna kendrick bio

Or just a perfect description of that person you’ve probably heard of

tom hanks bio

Some words *not* to use in your bio

Ninja – unless you’re an *actual* ninja of course. Although, if you were a ninja, you wouldn’t tell people in your bio, right?

Wizard – again, if you don’t spend your days waving a wand and casting spells then step away from this one

Guru – no, no, no! Kill it with fire!

If all else fails…

Do what we did when we needed to write the excerpt for this article and use this Twitter Bio Generator. Within a few clicks you could be a…

Web junkie. Zombie ninja. Bacon expert. Alcohol specialist. Student. Music aficionado. Travel fan.

Or a…

Typical coffee nerd. Troublemaker. Devoted food practitioner. Zombie trailblazer. Web maven.

Or even a…

Friendly problem solver. Social media scholar. Evil coffee expert. Communicator. Organiser.

You’re welcome.

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