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What is Good 33: Friday 12 October 2018

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Grab your left.

Below is a snippet of what we’ve sent to our subscribers today – some Good things to watch. The email version also has Good stuff to read, listen to and a few extra bits too. But, those extras are only for subscribers.

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Anyway, here’s What is Good to watch this week…

How many can you spot?

This is clever from Freeview, a car driving down a highway packed full of nods to all your favourite TV programmes – just see how many they can pack into 60 seconds!

RIP your twenties

For once, a car advert that isn’t completely awful! This one is for a car specifically aimed at thirty-somethings, and does that by organising a funeral for your twenties.

Grab your left

Weird fact alert; in Argentina, redheads are considered bad luck. If non-redheads see one if public, they will grab either their own left testicle or left breast to ward off the redhead curse. So, Burger King have taken the side of the redheads – no anatomy grabbing required!

2000 Trees

Next time you’re in a meeting and someone suggest doing something in a ‘festival-style’ (because that’s what the youths like) make sure you show them what a festival actually looks like. For example, show them this – the official aftermovie of this year’s 2000 Trees festival, which our editor’s band played this year (no, they’re not in the video).


What would the logos of a bunch of modern social media companies look like if they’d been around in the 1970s? Freakin’ awesome, that’s what!

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