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What is Good 34: Friday 19 October 2018

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Here’s one we made earlier.

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Anyway, here’s What is Good to watch this week…


In a year where Childish Gambino has already shown how powerful a statement can be made with a music video, here’s another; the debut single from Kesha’s younger brother Sage is impactful enough on its own. But, coupled with the video, it’s quite something else.

The Dream Gap

Who would have thought Barbie would be a vehicle for female empowerment? This video from the company behind the famous doll looks at how girls as young as five start putting barriers on their dreams for life. That isn’t right, and this film calls for change.


Facebook’s new toy is a video call device that *follows you round the room*…nope, nope, nope. Too far Zuckerberg, we don’t need your robots watching our every step thanks.

Here’s one I made earlier

This week, iconic TV programme Blue Peter turned 60 – 60! Let the nostalgia rush over you with the marvellous poem from Tony Walsh…get down Shep!

What would Jesus do?

Using Jesus on the cross to promote organ donation? Er, sure? This is bold from Down Under – expect to see vicars holding up ‘down with this sort of thing’ and ‘careful now’ signs very soon.

The future of the office

We’ve tried open plan, hot desking, standing desks, walking desks and more…now, it’s time for the next evolution in office design. Ladies and gentlemen – swimming desks.

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