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What is Good 35: Friday 26 October 2018

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Anyway, here’s What is Good to watch this week…


Sainsbury’s are embracing the spooky season with this cute, pumpkin-based animation.

Really spooky

Spotify have gone even further on the Halloween theme with this frankly terrifying short film.

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Hey Camila Cabello! "Havana" is a killer song we can't resist. Nor can millions of fans all over the world. Nor can this funny doll thing in our commercial. Listen free on Spotify.

Posted by Spotify on Tuesday, May 15, 2018


Starbucks has opened a new store in Washington DC that is a signing store – it’s dedicated to people united by sign language and deaf culture and is pretty amazing.


Keele University sent one of their student content creators out with a GoPro to record a campus tour. He had the camera facing the wrong way the entire time and the result is quite fantastic – embrace your mistakes!


Ever felt like you’re wasted at work? Like you’re overqualified for the job? This drummer feels you.

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